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Dave relaxing while flying


Has never been easier​, we also have parking for disabled members for more information on this ​please use the contact form within this website, and one of our Committee members will be in touch.

                                                           Thank you.

Flight Tuition

Is This Your First Time Flying?

Well if the answer is are in luck!!

If you've never had the chance to get hands on experience flying an RC Helicopter or Plane YOU need to come to our club and have a go.

Our club is the only club in Lancashire that will give you first hand experience.

What we offer to potential members is..Have a go before you join..What this means is if you are serious about taking up the sport/hobby we will give you 3 free training flights with your chosen aircraft under the supervision of our tutors, 

YES..30 minutes free flying lesson for each of the 3 times you come using the clubs equipment.


Learn to fly from our private field.

Then if you feel that you would like to join...We will sign you up.

Once you have become a member and you would like more training on the clubs equipment all we ask is for you to pay for the fuel used, or you can buy your own fuel and we will teach you anyway. 

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Play the video to see the flying field and our breathtaking scenery.
Please ues your finger or mouse to navigate around the flying field
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